About Nizhum


Nizhum.com the country's largest and most trusted online super shop in Bangladesh for all your shopping needs. We offers attractive discounts and various offers on your daily needs, such as daily necessities, home appliances, different brands of products, gadgets, accessories, fashion, lifestyle products, healthcare products etc. In most cases, buyers can order products at home and pay the price at home. We started the journey of our organization in April 2015.

The GOAL of (www.nizhum.com) this company is to create an online shopping center that is trustworthy to people all over Bangladesh by doing business with honesty and sincerity.

In future our call center will be run by completely disabled brothers and sisters.

Allah has made business lawful and usury unlawful. O Allah, grant us the grace to ho halal business.


  • Our Honorable Advisor                                   : Mohammad Moshiur Rahman Khan
  • Founder & Chairman                                       : Mahia Tasnim Nizhum
  • Founder & CEO                                                : S M Mohiuddin
  • Admin ICT                                                         : MD. Rubel Mahmud
  • Manager (Customer Relationship)                    : Md. Sohag Hossain
  • Senior Executive (Customer Relationship)      : MD. Helal Mollick
  • Executive (Customer Relationship)                  : Md. Rifat Hossen
  • Executive (Customer Relationship)                  : Md. Humayun Kabir
  • Executive (Customer Relationship)                  : Md. Rabiul Islam
  • Executive (Customer Relationship)                  : Androjoy